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Invité de Marque designs and delivers high impact solutions for quality corporate communications and related, derived, recreational activities, as well as strategic analysis & consultancy.

We specialise in multidimensional operations with high added value, able to reach and satisfy the most discerning customers and bring our expertise to a wide range of corporate sectors, from the largest multinational brands to very small companies or individuals, and pride ourselves on the quality of our services, always striving for excellence and focusing on achievement.

Since our creation long time ago we have offered our clients a large range of specialist experience, from the design and production of traditional promotional tools including digital media to the engineering and delivery of complex public relations operations, world-class sport or culture events tailor-made hospitality, private concerts, etc.

Our expertise is enriched by the demanding requirements of clients from the most advanced sectors of the economy – including the energy industry, architectural engineering, luxury goods, finance, pharmaceutical and medical sectors.

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Hoc inmaturo interitu ipse quoque sui pertaesus excessit e vita aetatis nono anno atque vicensimo cum quadriennio imperasset.

Christian Dior et Granville

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